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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

#DarkHairProblems + Hair Removal Advice | AD

One of my biggest insecurities growing up and still is my dark body hair and quick hair growth. Being mixed race I seem to have inherited my Dad's genes when it comes to the hair department. I thought I'd share my hair removal journey and advice from shaving to IPL Hair Removal for those in the same boat.

Being an 11 year old girl starting secondary school, I was always really conscious of my dark leg hair during PE, my dark upper lip hair and out of control eyebrows that practically joined in the middle.

My mum tried to hold me off shaving my legs until I was a couple of years older, but I would always compare myself to the girls who shaved their legs and feel embarrassed. I started having my upper lip and brows waxed aged 12, which now seems very young but it really did affect my confidence and my mum preferred I visit a professional than trying to remove it myself.

I'm not saying by any means you have to remove your hair, it's natural and if you are comfortable with it then that is great! BUT if you do want to tidy or remove your hair (from any part of your body) here are some great options for you.

1. Shaving

We have all been a slave to the shave at one time in our life. And for my underarms, legs and lady parts this is the option I turn to the most. It takes a lot of maintenance but for someone impatient like me, it's a quick fix - although not ideal with my fast hair growth and I mean FAST. I actually use guy's razors as I find they get a much closer shave.

2. Threading

My go to for brows and upper lip, threading is more gentle on the skin than waxing and gives more control to the therapist responsible for your brows. I'm always left a little red and it can hurt if you aren't used to it. But if you haven't tried it, give it a go - one of my favourites to visit is Blink Brow Bar, you'll thank me later.

3. Waxing

One I turn to for holiday prep because of the smoother and longer lasting results, it's no wonder that this is one of the most popular forms of hair removal. Just make sure you go to a salon you trust, and if you're getting any form of pubic hair removal ensure that they use hot wax.

4. IPL Hair Removal

One that I'm yet to try but gives long lasting results from home is IPL hair removal. It gradually leaves the targeted areas with significantly slower hair growth and can be used on arms, legs, bikini line and facial hair (sounds like a dream). If you're serious about your hair removal, it's worth investing in your own device and saving pennies in the long run. This Panasonic one has great reviews and works for most skin tones - something to make sure you read up about when buying a IPL device. Definitely something I've added to my wishlist!

Whatever your choice of hair removal, just make sure you're taking care of your skin and don't feel pressured to remove any hair you don't want too!

Sponsored in partnership with Panasonic.


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